小時候一說到夢想,我常常說:「將來要做歌星,做不到歌星做明星,做唔到明星做老師。」 然後我發現,原來我的夢想都一一實現了😍

Remember when I was young, whenever I was asked about “dreams”, this is what I always said, “I want to become a singer and a star. If I cannot become a celebrity, I wanna be a teacher.” 

Maybe I’m not exactly a “star”, but I’m very grateful I’m doing all of those that I yearned for. 

For the coming future, I’m gonna set some new goals and challenges. We only live once, and I have to make the best out of it! 

你們呢? 還在努力達成自小的夢想嗎?

有沒有隨著年月過去, 又有一些新的夢想?

What about you? Are you still fighting for your childhood dreams?
Or have you found yourself some new goals?


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