【隨筆】夢想 Dreams

昨晚忽發奇想⋯🤔 小時候一說到夢想,我常常說:「將來要做歌星,做不到歌星做明星,做唔到明星做老師。」 然後我發現,原來我的夢想都一一實現了😍 雖然說不上是「星」🌟,不過還是做到我從小想做的事情。嘿嘿! 對於未來我要下一些新的目標與挑戰。人只能活一次,我要把她活得最精彩! Remember when I was young, whenever I was asked about "dreams", this is what I always said, "I want to become a singer and a star. If I cannot become a celebrity, I wanna be a teacher."  Maybe I'm not exactly a "star", but I'm very grateful I'm doing all… Continue reading 【隨筆】夢想 Dreams